Tracking Rooster Metrics in Google Analytics

To track your Rooster results in Google Analytics, you will need to create a UTM tracking code (in Google Analytics), and then add this code to your Rooster Exit Overlay.

Please note: These instructions do not apply to Rooster Exit Overlays with embedded forms (such as email capture).


You will need the following:

1. Access to your Google Analytics account

2. Access to your Rooster Dashboard

3. Access to a Rooster Exit Overlay


Step 1: Create Your UTM Code

Log in to Google Analytics, and open the following URL in a separate tab:

You will be prompted to fill out the "URL Builder" form.

In the first field of the form, you must enter the download link used in the CTA button of your exit overlay.

After filling out the required fields and pressing Submit, a new URL will appear just below the Submit button.

Copy this URL to your clipboard.


Step 2: Add UTM Code to Exit Overlay

Log in to your Rooster Dashboard, and click the Rooster Exit Overlay you wish to integrate with Google Analytics.

Click Edit.

In the HTML for your Rooster Exit Overlay, scroll until you find the download button markup.

Replace the original download link with the UTM code you generated in Step 2.


Click Save Changes, and you're done!

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