Integrating Rooster with Hubspot

Rooster integrates with HubSpot using a tool called Zapier (

Zapier is a marketing automation tool that helps you integrate multiple tools and systems together. If you already have a Zapier account we recommend using that, otherwise our Customer Success team will help you set up the integration using Rooster’s Zapier account.


To integrate Rooster and HubSpot you’ll need the following information: 

  1. Your Rooster Exit Overlay ID*
  2. Your Rooster Account Key**
  3. Your HubSpot login & password
  4. Your HubID

*Find your Exit Overlay ID by clicking an overlay in your Rooster Dashboard, and then copying the number in the URL, as per the screenshot below:


**Find your Rooster Account Key by copying the alphanumeric code beside your account name in your Rooster Dashboard, as per the screenshot below:


Step 1: Add Rooster to Your Triggers in Zapier

Log in to Zapier and click this link:

This will add Rooster to your list of supported apps in Zapier.


Step 2: Create a New Entry Zap in Zapier

While logged into Zapier click Make a New Zap.


This will launch the Zap Wizard.



Now select Rooster V2 from the apps under Choose a Trigger App.



Then select New Entry from the Choose a Trigger menu.



Next, you need to specify the action. Select HubSpot from the Choose an Action App menu. The quickest way is to type “hub” into the search bar.

Next, select Create or Update Contact from the Choose an Action menu.

Now click Continue to proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Set Up Your Rooster Trigger

To tie your Rooster New Entry trigger to your overlay, you’ll need to connect Zapier to your account and then add the Webhook URL Zapier provides into your Rooster Exit Overlay.

From the Choose a Rooster V2 Account menu, select Connect a Different Rooster V2 Account.

Next, give your account a new name, enter your Rooster Account Key, then click Continue.



Once you’ve tied your Rooster account to Zapier, you’ll see a URL that you’ll need to provide to Rooster. Copy it to your clipboard, and click Continue.



Next select a HubSpot account (step 3 on the form) or create a new account if needed.

Finally, enter your Rooster Account Key and Exit Overlay ID in the appropriate fields, and click Continue.


Step 4: Add your Webhook URL to your Rooster Exit Overlay

Login to your Rooster Account, and under Your Exit Overlays, click the name of overlay you wish to integrate.

Just above the offer window, click Integrations.


Then click +New Integration… 

Give your integration a name (e.g. HubSpot Webhook Integration), choose Webhook under Provider, and paste in the URL from step 3 in the URL box.



Click Create Integration, and you’re done!

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