Adding Rooster to a Shopify Site

Adding Rooster to your Shopify site requires adding your Rooster Script to your main Shopify theme. 


You’ll need the following to add Rooster to a Shopify site:

  1. Your Rooster Script
  2. Access to your Shopify Dashboard 

Step 1: Copy Your Rooster Script

Login to your Rooster account, and from your main account screen, click Your Account Script.

After you click, your Rooster Script will populate.


Copy the Rooster Script to your clipboard.


Step 2: Open Your Shopify Theme

From your Shopify Dashboard, select Themes.

On the next screen, click Customize theme (blue button) in the top right corner of the screen, then click Edit HTML/CSS.


A sidebar will populate on the left. Under Layouts, click theme.liquid



The HTML for your theme will then populate in the main window. It should look something like this.


Next, paste your Rooster Script within the Head section of this HTML. The Head appears right at the top of the HTML, in between the <head> markers.

After you paste in your Rooster Script, it should look something like this.



Click Save, and you’re done!

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