Adding Rooster to Unbounce Pages

Adding Rooster to Unbounce requires adding a Javascript code to the Unbounce Script Manager.


To add Rooster to Unbounce, you’ll need the following information:

  1. Your Rooster Script
  2. Access to your Unbounce account
  3. At least 1 Unbounce landing page

Once you have all these gathered, the process itself is straightforward.

Step 1: Copy Your Rooster Script

Login to your Rooster account, and from your main account screen, click Your Account Script.


Your Rooster Script will appear.

Copy the Rooster Script to your clipboard.

Step 2: Open Script Manager

Login to your Unbounce account, and on the left sidebar, click Settings and then Script Manager.

You will then be prompted to "Add your first script."

Step 3: Load Your Script

In the left window, select Head under Placement, and past your Rooster Script into the specified area.

In the right window, select the domains/pages you wish to run Rooster on.

IMPORTANT: Selecting a domain does not mean Rooster will automatically run on every page. It merely means Rooster will be available to use on a selected domain should you choose to target it within the next step.

Select the necessary pages, and click Save and Publish Script (bottom righthand corner).

Step 4: Target Specific Pages

To target specific pages within the domains you enabled in Step 3, you must log in to the Rooster App and set up URL targeting.

If you don't already know how to do this, please see Targeting Your Campaign.

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