Capturing email addresses with your exit overlay

In order to capture email addresses or other information from your site visitors, you need to add a form to your overlay. You can capture any information you want, although we've found the best practice is to ask for 1 - 2 pieces of information at the most.

There are two modifications you'll need to make to your overlay to capture visitor information.

1) Adding a form to your overlay

First off you need to add a form to your overlay. This is done through simple HTML. Below is an example of a simple form that captures email and name.

    <div class='form-group'>
      <input type="email" class='form-control' name="entry[email]" placeholder="Enter Your Email" required>
    <div class='form-group'>
      <input type="text" class='form-control' name="entry[name]" placeholder="Enter Your Name" required>
  <button class='btn btn-success' type="submit" engagement>Get My Free Consultation</button>

Rooster will capture any fields with a name matching `entry[*]` and ignore any others.

You can either monitor your entries directly through Rooster, export them as csv, or set up integrations to have the leads automatically sent to a 3rd party CRM or Email marketing system.

2) Creating a confirmation screen

Every exit overlay that uses forms to capture information also needs a confirmation screen. This is the screen shown to the visitor once they've successfully submitted their information.

To create a confirmation overlay click the edit button for your overlay:

and then click "Add a confirmation screen" below your overlay's content:

Now you'll be able to edit you confirmation screen in the same way you can edit your overlay.

A Rooster best practice is to add a social ask on the confirmation screen, whether that be "follow us on twitter" or "like us on Facebook" or even "recommend us to your friends!".

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