6. Using the Rooster Dashboard

Your Rooster Dashboard should give you an understanding of how your engagement campaigns are working together to engage visitors and turn them into customers.

Your Rooster Dashboard shows how many actions have been tracked all-time as well as how many unique visitors have performed those actions.

Number of pageviews where Rooster code is tracking visitor behaviour.
Number of times a page was viewed that matched the targeting rules for a Rooster Exit Overlay.
Number of visitors who were abandoning your site and were shown a Rooster Exit Overlay. Visitors may see overlays more than once based on your targeting and display rules.
Number of times a visitor clicked (anywhere) once a Rooster Exit Overlay was shown.
Number of visitors who successfully engaged with the overlay.

Engagement Ratio
Dividing the number of views of your exit overlay by the number of engagements will give you what we call Engagement Ratio.

Your Engagement Ratio is a KPI because it tells you the percentage of abandoning users who re-engage with your offer after viewing an exit overlay. 



For the exit overlay above, the Engagement Ratio would be 2286/27160 = .8416*100 = 8.416%


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