Call-to-action (CTA) guidelines

Call-to-Action (CTA)

The most effective exit overlays have an explicit call-to-action (CTA).

Your CTA can be anything from "Click Here to Claim Your Discount" to "See More Fashionable T-Shirts" or even "Contact Customer Success Now."

To make your CTA effective, here are 4 guidelines you should follow:

1. It's important that your CTA describes exactly what will happen once the user clicks. 

2. CTAs that focus on the value of taking action over the process of taking action are generally more effective. For example, "Get My 10% Off" is more advisable than "Sign Up Now."

3. Make sure there is strong contrast between your CTA and the other elements of your exit overlay. Your CTA must stand out.

4. If your CTA is a link to another part of the site, you should add target='_top' to the <a> element. If your CTA is a form submit see the form recommendations below.

A CTA is a critical component of most online advertising campaigns, but it takes on heightened importance with exit overlays. Use yours wisely!

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