Tips for writing exit overlay copy

Assuming you have something valuable to offer your abandoning visitors, conveying this value with strong copy (text) is vital to a successful exit overlay campaign.

Here are 5 tips for writing overlay copy that converts:

1. Convey value in the CTA

Rather than focusing on the action of accepting your offer (Example: Sign Up Now), focus on the value of accepting your offer (Example: Get My Free Ebook).

2. Keep it concise

Use contractions (Example: you'll, it's, that's) and avoid 'plague' words that make copy longer than it needs to be.

For example, this sentence:

"Due to our use of neoprene, our XYZ vacuum hoses are lighter and stronger..."

Can be edited down to this:

"We use neoprene to make lighter, stronger vacuum hoses."

Write like you talk!

3. Go big or go home

In an exit overlay, you have very little time to get your message across. You don't have time to save your best selling points for later in the funnel.

Make sure your messaging tells the prospect what they need to know, right away, or they may leave and never return.

4. Be your own objective editor

How can you make sure your copy is strong without help?

Answer: An objective set of eyes.

And that objective set of eyes can be your own by following a simple process:

a. Open a Word document and draft your exit overlay copy as quickly and efficiently as you can.

b. Save the document, and put it away for a few days. Do not think about the content at all during this time.

c. Open your draft. You’ll have forgotten many of the things you wrote a few days earlier, and awkward sentences, unnecessary repetition, and other errors should jump out at you. Correct them!

5. One overlay, one offer

Avoid mentioning anything that isn't related to the one specific offer you're promoting. Cut the background information on your company, or anything related to your other products/offers.

For examples of strong exit overlay copy, we urge you to check out 19 Ways to Boost Conversions with Exit Popups.

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