Why targeting is important

If you have an exciting new exit overlay, it’s tempting to serve it to all your traffic. Who wouldn’t want to see the awesome value you’re offering?

But that would be a mistake; your users are not all the same.

When it comes to exit overlays, the big differentiator is new users vs. returning users.

Some users will have visited your site before, while others will be first-timers. Though using the same exit overlay with both user segments can work, we suggest having a different exit overlay for each segment.

For example, a first-time visitor should be shown relevant content to build trust and context, hopefully with the intent of moving them along in the sales funnel. An email list signup is a good example of this.

Someone visiting for the fifth time, however, would be better suited to a harder sell such as a discount or a time-sensitive 'buy now' offer.

The goal of targeting is to deliver content and promotions that are relevant to the attributes of your visitors, and to move customers further along the customer relationship funnel. 

We strongly suggest testing out different exit overlays for new vs. returning visitors.

For detailed information on how to adjust targeting settings, please see Step 4 in Getting Started with Rooster, Targeting Your Campaign.

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