3. Loading Your Exit Overlay (HTML)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have chosen to use a Rooster Template instead of creating your own HTML, you can skip this tutorial and move on to the next section.

To load your exit overlay, follow this process:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Scroll towards the bottom of your dashboard, and click the green button that says "New Exit Overlay."

3. Give your new exit overlay a title.

4. Rooster will now populate a sample exit overlay. To enter your own HTML, click the blue pencil icon on the right side of the screen.

5. Paste the HTML you developed (in the previous step "Designing Your Exit Overlay) into the Offer box.

6. Assuming you've used a standard size, set your sizing to 800 x 500 pixels. Regardless of what size you choose, make sure it matches the sizing in your HTML. 

7. Save your changes.

Lead Acquisition (Forms)

If you are using Rooster to provide a last-chance eBook or eSeries offer, you'll want to use a form within your overlay. This is straightforward, but there are a couple things to bear in mind.

1. All forms within the overlay will be processed by Rooster. This means you don't need to add an action to the form.

2. Rooster can collect any information within the form. There are no limits to the number of fields or what type of data you want to collect. However, you do need to name the fields as follows: name="entry[FIELD_NAME]"

3. If you have a form, you'll also want to have a confirmation page. The confirmation page is also just HTML and CSS, so you can customize it as you like, but it must be the same size as the main engagement overlay.

You can access all lead entries via Rooster, but we also have integrations with 3rd party providers via Zapier.

Images, Fonts, and Other Resources: Give them a permanent url

All images, fonts, and other external resources should be uploaded to your CDN and accessed via a permanent url.

CSS: Inline or External, your choice

Rooster supports both inline or externally linked CSS. We've generally found using inline CSS to be easier because you can change it anytime without waiting for IT resources, but both work well.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@getrooster.com

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