1. Installing the Rooster Script

Installing the Rooster Script on your website is simple.

To install, you only need to cut & paste a few lines of JavaScript code into your website's html head.

You should only add the script once.

We recommend installing the script on all pages of your website (if your site uses a templated header system). This will enable you to run Rooster offers on any page, however, you may choose to only add the script to page(s) you plan to run Rooster on.

The Rooster script loads asynchronously, so you don't have to worry about it slowing down your page load speeds.

Installing Your Rooster Script Manually

1. From your account dashboard in the Rooster App, scroll down until you see "Your Account Script."

2. Click on "Your Account Script."

3. When the script populates, copy it to your clipboard.

4. If you have a web developer or webmaster, send this person the script, and instruct them to paste it in the html head of your website:

... your website's head content ...    
..... your website content ....  

5. If you operate the website yourself, follow the instructions on your given platform. If you use Wordpress, for example, you must paste the Rooster Script under Settings > Editor > Header.php

If you have any questions or run into trouble, please email us (support@getrooster.com) or give us a call at (604-449-5638).

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